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Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

The SENDCO at Race Leys Infant School is Mrs Gurr, who is a qualified teacher she also has her National Award for SEN

She is available on 02476 312221 or

Please avoid using Mrs Gurr's direct email.

Mrs Gurr has teaching commitments but will return your call or email as soon as possible.

People who help us in school

Laura Smith Specialist Teacher Service.jpg

Laura Smith
Specialist Teacher Service

catherine Evans Specialist Teacher for Complex Needs and Physical Disabilities.jpg

Catherine  Evans 
Specialist Teacher for Complex Needs  and Physical Disabilities

Rachel Dawson Speech and Language Specialist.jpg

Rachel Dawson Speech and Language Specialist


Louise Hayball Education Mental Health Practitioner

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Warwickshire Schools' Inclusion Charter (1).jpg

Mental Health School Team

Mental Health School Team

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Tips for Wellness Mood Boosters.JPG
Tips for Wellness Respect.JPG
Tips for wellness.JPG
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Cams survey for parents awaiting  Autism and ADHD diagnosis.JPG
cams survey review of support available pre and post diagnosis.JPG
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