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Warwickshire Safe and Active Scheme

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We are excited to be involved in the Warwickshire Safe and Active Initiative. We are working towards our bronze award and each term we will be looking at what it means to be safe and active in lots of fun ways. We have enjoyed having staff from the initiative come and share stories with the reception and year one children and year two have already been road safety spies!

The whole school enjoyed taking part in the Warwickshire Road safety Competition. Hollie in Year One won one of the main prizes, a back pack full of goodies.

Year two have enjoyed reading 'Why Animals can't ride Scooters but you can!' They have made posters to show how to be safe riding scooters, bikes, crossing roads and being in a car. They have even written their own safety poems following a visit by the poet Andy Tooze.

Warwickshires top tips for Parents 

We recognise the important role that parents, and carers play in shaping children and young people’s behaviour and choices.

Children and young people of all ages are influenced by their parents and carers; therefore, by setting good examples and being positive role models parents and carers can help their children to stay safe and active.

Road Safety Code for Parents / Carers

  • P - park away from school

  • A - always hold hands with young children

  • R - remember your child will copy you

  • E - every road means STOP, LOOK, LISTEN

  • N - ever get children out of a car roadside

  • T - think safer places to cross the road

  • S - secure your child’s car seat correctly

Toddlers (1 – 3 years)

Holding hands with your toddler is the best way to help keep your child safe when near a road. Use every journey as an opportunity to teach your toddler about safe and active travel, model and use simple language to introduce your child to the importance of stopping before the kerb, looking and listening for traffic, and looking for safer places to cross.

To find out about Warwickshire County Councils pre-school and nursery Safe and Active programme ‘The Adventures of Warwick Bear’ visit: (insert link to Safe Nursery)

Children aged 5 – 7 years (Key Stage 1)

We believe that road safety education is a vital part of a child’s primary education and we know that many parents and carers want to be involved. 

Children at this age cannot accurately judge the speed of traffic or identify safe gaps in traffic and should always be accompanied by a trusted adult. Holding hands with your child when near to a road, particularly when crossing the road, remains the best way to help your child travel safely.

At this age, continue to be a positive role model and always follow the Warwickshire Road Safety Code to Think, Stop, Look and Listen, Think and Cross Safely. Talk to your child about how pedestrians walk on the pavement and vehicles travel on the road, safer places to cross the road and how to use them, places where it is not safe to cross such as on a bend or between parked cars and discuss the dangers of driveways both when making a journey and at home.

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