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Curriculum Intent

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At Race Leys Infant School we strive to engage and inspire our pupils. We provide a curriculum which is relevant, fun and memorable and enables children to achieve a deep and meaningful understanding of their learning. Our curriculum aims to provide opportunities for our pupils to develop their creativity and encourages independence and individuality.

The curriculum at Race Leys Infant School covers the key areas of knowledge, skills and understanding which our pupils need to learn.  Pupils will be encouraged to deepen their learning, building on skills progressively as they move through the school. We use a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning which means that skills, knowledge and understanding across a range of subjects are brought together as part of a topic theme. This is further enhanced by the use of a selection of story books, poems, film, visitors, themed days/weeks and visits within the local community and beyond. We promote the engagement of all pupils in sports, music and the Arts.

At the heart of our learning are the school’s values which enable the pupils to develop respect, perseverance, resilience and high expectations of themselves. Pupils learn how to use the values to help them to become respectful, global citizens.  Our caring culture and understanding of honesty, fairness and equality underpins the ethos of the school. Children will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

Pupils in Reception follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum which is rooted in first hand, play based learning both inside and outside, and builds on the characteristics of learning and skills developed during the pre- school years.

Pupils in Key Stage One are taught the subjects of the National Curriculum (2014) plus Religious Education.  Class teachers build on knowledge, skills, understanding and characteristics of learning from the Foundation Stage to teach all of the subjects to their pupils. They receive advice and information from staff with expertise in particular subjects.


Aims of the Race Leys Infant School Curriculum

  • Children experience a rich, engaging curriculum which  promotes a passion for learning and develops the whole child

  • Children produce high quality, progressive outcomes that are measured against explicit skills in all subjects which leads to good progress and success

  • The curriculum meets the needs of, and engages pupils as shown in data analysis and pupil progress outcomes

  • Children are prepared for the challenges of future learning and life experiences, gaining a range of spiritual, moral, social and cultural skills underpinned by our core values

  • Children know how to live a healthy lifestyle, both physically and mentally

  • Teachers know the key areas to teach as a result of the rigorous framework of progressive skills which are mapped out across each year group.

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