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Impact of the Curriculum

Assessment and Planning Next Steps

Staff are constantly making assessments of pupil attainment and progress as they learn (formative assessment). This informs day to day planning for the next steps in learning for pupils.  At the end of each term, teachers make a summative judgment and evaluate the attainment and progress the children are making. For Key Stage One this includes reading, writing and maths. Foundation stage focus on attainment and progress in the prime areas of the curriculum. 

This information supports planning for the next phase of the children’s learning and any gaps in learning can be addressed. Interventions are planned to support accelerated progress for pupils in need of extra support or challenge.


Analysis of End of Foundation stage scores and End of Key Stage One SAT’s Results

Each year SLT and key subject leaders are involved in the analysis of Foundation Stage and end of year assessment analysis. After analysing the outcomes, areas of focus for improvement in teaching and curriculum development are identified and planned into whole school. 

In the 2023/24 academic year children in Year 2 will no longer be required to complete end of KS1 SATs assessments, instead we will be completing assessments with our Year 2 team and taking part in moderation in the consortium. 



Assessment and Analysis of Non-Core Subjects

Teachers make assessments for every subject at the end of each theme/topic. Subject leaders and SLT use data analysis so that they know standards of attainment and progress for aspects of their subject. This analysis forms the basis for actions to improve the provision of learning for all children in each subject area, and identifies any training that teachers might need to deliver aspects of the curriculum more effectively.

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