Year One


1JS enjoyed measuring in feet today (their own 'feet' that is!) they've taken their footprints home to practise their skills! Well done team!


Lovely firework learning in year 1 this morning! well done team.

Year 1 have been representing numbers in different ways today...we’ve spotted some excellent mathematicians in the making.... well done team!

Year 1 have been using play doh to practice their greater/less than and equals signs! Everyone did brilliantly!


Year 1 have been learning about hedgehogs... having an impromptu “art attack” moment, we put our value TEAMWORK to the test and created masterpiece entitled “a carpet of hedgehogs”... come and see it in our corridor.. it’s fab!

Great year 1 launch day for our Blast Off! Topic.... ask your little ones about their visit to the Black hole!

It's been all about the tens and ones in 1JS this morning...we saw just how big 100 really is. Well done team!


Year one enjoyed their design technology challenge to select appropriate materials to make a Tudor house. They are looking forward to our visit on  Friday from the Fire Service who will recreate 'The Great Fire of London' to help us with our diary  writing next week.

In PSHE year one read 'Courage' by Bernard Waber. We discovered there are lots of ways to show courage and be brave. We learnt we could show courage in lots of ways. Here are some of year ones thoughts about when they showed courage, including eating brussel sprouts for the first time!